Just Start!!!

Before you begin anything you have to start! If it’s a dream, passion, lifestyle change, weight loss, or you just want to be healthier you have to start somewhere to accomplish it. Start with what you have! I’m excited about my personal journey that I’m on to becoming a healthier person mind, body, and spirit. And at the same time I’m going after my passions and dreams. Yes I have a lot on my plate but I’m worth it! I joined the gym this week, walked and ran yesterday, and running wasn’t even in my vocabulary.(LOL) You will be surprised what you can do if you just start. I’m drinking more water, cutting out sodas, drinking healthy smoothies, making healthier choices, buying less junk for my kids, and they are making healthier choices as well.

The one thing that I’ve learned is that change has to begin with you and then your environment will have to change. You may have days that you don’t do as well as others, that’s ok just get back up and start again. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Give yourself praise as you go along and reward yourself when you stick to your plan. Some say have a cheat day I say have a treat day. I’m enjoying natural products such as Alkaline water, Probiotics, and Digestive enzymes to name a few. I was overwhelmed when I went to the health food store because of the many choices. The owner of the store even said to start somewhere you don’t have to buy everything at once. Therefore, I’m buying and trying supplements as much as I can. I want to get into aromatherapy, essential oils, and more homeopathic items. I do believe in natural products because GOD created this earth, and I have no doubt that the earth has everything we need. It’s really about choosing life.

I’ve had so many loved ones die from these cruel illnesses that continue to plague us. No we are not exempt and some things we have no control over. However I do feel prevention, and awareness is key. We just have to do better even with our children because they can only eat what we buy them. Think of the old days our parents and grandparents cooked, it was less eating out, and there was fresh fruit to snack on instead of junk. My son’s doctor said to me all of this processed food is killing us and it is. It may taste good and be convenient but we are paying for it. The healthcare industry is happy because this means more sick people which equals more money for them. There are so many diets out there: the Paleo, Dash, juicing, South Beach, Weight Watchers, the blood type diet, etc.

I believe there is know one size fits all and each person has to figure out what is best for them. However you can’t go wrong with just the basics like water, fruits, vegetables, proper sleep, exercise, and reducing your stress level. Let me know what you are trying and if it is working, I would love to hear from you. Post your recipes, smoothie ideas, diets, and natural products you love! Remember whatever you want to do, just start and don’t stop. You will win. Why not start today?