About Us

Dunyell Dawson; executive director and founder of My Girls, Inc. is a mother of three, mentor, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, motivational blogger, Certified Peer Specialist & Certified Parent Peer Specialist through the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. Dunyell is a Certified Mental Health First Aider, Certified Whole Health Action Management Facilitator, Certified Whole Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Crisis Intervention Trainer/Trainee, and she’s CPR Certified. She also hold various Domestic Violence certifications, a Anger Management Certifcation, and a Child Sexual Abuse Certification.  Dunyell loves empowering girls, women, and youth.

She’s an advocate for Mental Health and Domestic Violence.  In 2010 while Dunyell was experiencing Domestic Violence God gave her the vision for My Girls, Inc.   Thankfully, Dunyell and her kids got out safely! However, they all suffered emotional scars that needed healing. She faced challenges as a teenage girl like teen dating violence, teenage pregnancy, suicidal ideation, and childhood traumas which are reasons why she wanted to start this organization.  Dunyell didn’t receive the help she needed until adulthood.  However, she believes if she wouldn’t have experienced those things as a young girl and had gotten the necessary help as a teen girl that she wouldn’t have been a victim of Domestic Violence in adulthood.  It was through therapy that she got healing, answers, and was able to realize how her childhood set the tone for her adulthood. Dunyell also credits her faith, she believes without it she wouldn’t have made it!  She wanted to give girls something that she didn’t have growing up.  A program that would empower, educate, uplift, and provide a safe haven with resources and support, so they wouldn’t be derailed by the challenges of life. 

Dunyell gained another reason when her teenage daughter attempted suicide.  She was a helicopter mom, a praying mom, and nothing could have prepared her for that day. Through that journey Dunyell learned a lot, and she realized there were so many girls self-harming, experiencing suicidal ideation, and taking their lives.  Thankfully through prayer, a lot of family therapy, being open to a new way of parenting, and following the recommendations of medical professionals she got through it.  She also had to continue her own healing journey. Dunyell stated “it took the whole family being on board” and now she wants to share the message of hope and recovery to all!